This is a perfect card for anyone going through a hard time. So often when we deal with something shocking, traumatic or life-altering, the people that offer support will chime in with platitudes like, "everything happens for a reason," "just stay positive" or will try to help brace the person for good news or bad news. This card is perfect for the compassionate individuals that want to support their friends and to let them know it's okay to feel a range of conflicting emotions. Healing and mourning are not linear experiences and it's normal to feel relief, laughter, and all kinds of other feelings during times of tragedy.

4"x5.5" card drawn by me!

It comes with a bright white envelope. Card is printed on 100% recycled, white, card stock and shipped in a rigid mailer. Compost-able cellophane sleeves used for shipping these, so we can do our part to save the environment!